If you do these 3 things, SEO Toolkit will save you hours!

  1. Create or administrate websites built on Kentico v9.x
  2. Edit 20 or more page’s title and description tags
  3. Update your site’s SEO at least every 90 days
Kentico version 9.x is required to work with SEO Toolkit.

How SEO Toolkit Works

SEO Toolkit gives you the “big picture” of your SEO by displaying editable title and description tags for every page on your website. Edit all your pages on a single screen, click submit, and you’re done!

SEO Toolkit is Simple to Use

1 Login

Provide your Kentico site address and login credentials. This information is passed through the Kentico API. We do not save or track this information in any capacity.

2 Edit Your Tags

SEO Toolkit provides a single page with all of your page’s title and description tags for you to edit.

3 Save Your Changes

With a single click to submit the changes, your Kentico website’s SEO is updated and ready to improve your search rankings.